speech contest for situ gintung


The honoured all the judges
Distinguished guess
Ladies and gentlements

Good afternoon and welcome to this special event: speech contest for Situ Gintung

As we know in the last few weeks Indonesia mourned again as our brothers and sisters suffered from the ruined of Situ Gintung. However, the lake has been broken and even has become a disaster for the people living around there. The catastrophe took more than a hundred lives, many injured, and the lost of houses.

Actually such disaster could be prevented if all of us concerned enough about the environment. Besides we should not have such numerous death and significant loss if people didn’t start to build anything there, because originally it was a land of conservation. Many things causing the breaking down of the dam, they were :
First, The fragile dam. Situ Gintung has been 76 years old, but along that time there was never claimed to happen any preservation, but only dredging around November 2008. Second, Situ Gintung happened to occur shallowing and narrowing, that is why it could not patch the water flow. Third, the seepage soil ruined into the 15 metres bottom of the lake. The characteristic of this dam is the water flow and the housing area horizontally straight, while the dam of Situ Gintung had higher water flow level. That is why the housing near the dam was totally broken by the strong water stream impact and this tragedy caused Kampung Gintung and Poncol having the most losses.

Think about those children who lost their uniforms and books meanwhile in other place some students just escape from class. Think about those refugees who lost their houses, all their belonging and all their earning. They must live in a small damp tents. Imagine if you were the father or the mother who lost all of your family.

The most important thing for us to learn from this disaster is, what we must do to help them?
Must we be volunteers?
Must we give our money?
What if we have nothing to give?

At least we can pray for the victims. Don’t underestimate prayer because they need it. If we have time and energy we can join a volunteer team to help there. Or we can collect some useful material from our relatives or neighbours like clothes, blankets, and instant food. We can help them in our own ways. The most important thing is to give the best from ourselves for them and we do that for God’s majesty only.
In the end, I hope we can open our heart for those in need and suffer. It is a prove that we cannot live alone. We need others in life.

Thank you.

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